Rent a car in UK during the Covid 19 pandemic

It is no secret to anyone how difficult the year 2020 has been all that perhaps remains to come given the consequences that the Coronavirus pandemic has brought. The quarantine has been an issue that has involved everyone, transforming each lifestyle into one very different from the one we knew before or could have imagined. 

From the social distancing, the closed businesses and practically the entire society paralyzed by the confinement in our home, has brought many inconveniences such as the shortage of food, the economic crisis and above all; the immobilization of transport. Especially for those who don’t have their own car. 

For this, a new protection and prevention plan has been started, that at the same time benefits the population and prevents diseases; with the car rental during the pandemic. 

Luckily, in UK there are different alternatives that guarantee the rental of fairly safe, clean vehicle, free from any risk of contagion and with the efficiency of any great car. Due to high demand for mobilization and the need for the private and preventive transport, different agencies have sought to modify their rental method in order to satisfy the wishes of each person and at the same time help reduce infections by the virus. 

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Car rental agencies in London during the Covid 19 pandemic 

  • PCO Rentals 

This agency is one of the most recognized in all London, given its wide variety of vehicles offered for rent, which contain excellent characteristics and management of promotions for time and economic costs that help solve any emergency, need or requirement that may be had as for getting around town. 

In addition, they have bonuses for the benefit of the client for the holidays, a safety and prevention program in terms of accidents and much more. You can get all the information on their official page. 

  • Enterprise; Rent-a-car

This car rental agency does not only have a catalog full of variety and quality to be able to rent the transport that is most desired or required, but also has a fabulous cleaning program specially made for the preservation of the vehicle, and above all for the prevention of contagion and the spread of the virus, something necessary for every car rental during the pandemic

If you want to know more about this company and all the benefits it offers, you can visit their website. 

  • SIXT

This car rental company completely changed its work scheme to adapt it to the new situation we are experiencing, and help combat all types of contagion or risk of possible disease, through a system of care and cleaning that goes according to the recommended health advice to remain virus free. 

SIXT has a fascinating system that handles great prices and types of cars for promotions and incredible packages that compete with the rest of the agencies and becomes one of the favorites of people who try this type of rent. 

To learn more information about this type of solution to rent a car in UK, you can visit their official page. 

  • Europcar

With the Safety Program of Europcar, car rental during the pandemic of 2020 is fully insured in terms of efficiency and care to be able to move throughout the territory, with full care that we will be totally free of contagions and safe in our transport format. No matter how strong the situation is around, Europcar is characterized by managing a system without a pause, which continues to improve its quality, attention, work format and benefits for every part of the UK. 

To know more about this car rental and everything about his services, you can check their official page. 

  • Enjoy Travel 

Enjoy Travel is another efficient company for car rental during the quarantine, which also takes care of getting to the place where you are with all the available route destinations, in order to help prevent and protect the population during the situation of the current pandemic. With this agency, you will not only enjoy a varied system of different types of vehicles, but at the same time, you can be sure that there is not a possibility of risk when riding in these transports, because they take the cleaning system very seriously for the new situation of the coronavirus. 

If you want to know more about this type of car rental you can visit the Enjoy Travel official page where you also have the advantage of making your purchase immediately, with the destination and all the required data on its use and need. 

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Benefits of car rental during the Covid 19 pandemic

  • Rate reduction 

Due to the current low demand for the mobilization of people to different places and in the same time market of agencies, they are forced to lower costs and prices, so it becomes and advantages for all future clients since it becomes even easier to obtain this benefit without serious problems because of the economy. 

  • Discounts and promotions 

Given the reality of the new situation, many companies and agencies have had to re-mold their work format to the reality, so many of their services have had to offer promotions, to attract future clients and adjust to the delicacy of the prevention of the pandemic. 

  • Greater security

Of course, by not having to share public transport and avoid a possible future infection, it helps to prevent suffering from this virus, since being in a private space, the only person you can share with is yourself or who you know, at your own discretion. Therefore, this option becomes quite ideal to be able to transport you wherever you want, when you want, without the fear of ending up being a new case of contagion. 

With all that said… 

After knowing all this information, now you can be sure about the decision to rent a car in UK during the pandemic and where to do it. You will see that there are thousands of advantages that you can take by being part of this prevention and help for the mobilization of all during the pandemic. Keep moving, but stay safe. If you want to make sure you will have the best cost and service, check out the list of  5 best online car rentals in London for 2020.

Rent a car in UK during the Covid 19 pandemic
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Rent a car in UK during the Covid 19 pandemic
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