Where Should You Buy Chelsea FC Football Tickets?

Chelsea FC Tickets – How and where to buy?

Updated – February 2022

The Chelsea FC football club is one is the top English clubs, supported by one of the most energetic fan bases in any sport. Tickets to see the iconic football club are near impossible for just anyone to get – unless you know where to look. 

Whether buying Chelsea tickets directly, if you are a season ticket holder or taking advantage of third party ticket sales, there are a few places to browse to make sure you’ll be in the stands cheering on The Blues during their upcoming match!

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Why See a Chelsea FC Match

With dozens of matches spread throughout the season – from league matches to competitions and even championship games – tickets remain in high demand for Chelsea FC. The historic club recently entered into the Lampard era, the new head coach and historically one of the best Chelsea FC players, and fans continue to line up for a chance to see how the team performs.

Chelsea FC is a club with a rich history. Loyal fans, both young and old, cheer on The Blues during their championship-contending years, and even during the rebuilding years.

The Stamford Bridge Stadium Experience

Whether you’re visiting London and a die-hard fan of Chelsea FC, or a team membership holder, every experience at the Stamford Bridge Stadium is a memorable moment worth enjoying every chance you get.

Stamford Bridge Stadium is the home field of Chelsea Football club, hosting upwards of 40,000 screaming fans at every home game. As you can imagine, tickets to the most coveted sections behind the goals, the Shed End or Matthew Hardings Stand sections, are hard to come by. Even tickets in the upper levels tend to sell out almost immediately.

Any chance you get to see The Blues in action is always worthwhile. Aside from Championship run games, some of the hardest tickets to get are during rival matches, such as when competing against Manchester United, Arsenal, and Tottenham. 

If the thought of attending one of the matches of your favorite team isn’t exciting enough, we’ll show you the best places to buy Chelsea FC football tickets.

Best Places to Buy Chelsea Tickets

There are several ways to secure the high demand tickets to one of the most popular football clubs in the Premier League. Shopping online for the tickets is the best chance at getting the tickets, but even that proves to be a challenge if you’re unprepared. Knowing the best places to buy Chelsea FC tickets will increase your chances of joining the thousands of fans during their next match.

Buying Chelsea Tickets Direct

The first place most people go to buy tickets for Chelsea FC is their official website. Their site provides information about their schedule and even an article about how to purchase the tickets. You’ll soon find out that it’s one of the hardest places to secure tickets to one of their matches.

Tickets information are available for home and away games, typically marked as “Available Soon” until shortly before game day. Only members can purchase tickets through the official site, requiring an annual membership and loyalty points for the best chances.

When tickets are available, the site leads you to a virtual waiting room beginning as early as 7 am for a chance to purchase them. The highest demand games sell out as fast as 5-10mins, and even less demand games sell out within an hour.

Ticket Exchange and General Sale

Chelsea FC ticket exchange platform strives to eliminate black market sales of their tickets and regulate the exchange between third parties, leading to the creation of a ticket exchange program. Fans who can’t attend a game or don’t need their purchased tickets anymore can use the ticket exchange platform to sell it to another fan.

Although rare occurrences, as Arsenal tickets or when you buy Liverpool Tickets ,Chelsea FC events can go on general sale for low demand or hard-to-attend games such as midday matches. You may end up waiting several seasons before finding available tickets via this method.

Chelsea FC Tickets on Stubhub

Stubhub is a premier online ticketing website and by far the best place to buy Chelsea tickets. Stubhub is a platform for reselling tickets, providing a safe way to secure the tickets from a reseller.

In many cases, people purchase tickets via the official Chelsea FC site and immediately place them for sale on Stubhub. You can find most of the upcoming games on the site, although the prices may be higher than face value due to reselling. Read the full Stubhub review.

Chelsea FC Tickets on TicketNetwork

TicketNetwork is a ticket resell platform, designed to connect sellers and buyers to hard-to-get tickets, including Chelsea FC matches. The platform provides a list of available games and the ticket prices, making it easy to find the tickets you want and purchasing official tickets.

You can find home and away games on TicketNetwork, with multiple tickets available for groups and family outings. The platform is also secured and provides a 100% money-back guarantee so you can be sure that you’ll be in attendance during the match you want to see. Read the full TicketNetwork review.

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Whether buying tickets directly or taking advantage of third party ticket sales, there are a few places to browse to make sure you’ll be in the stands cheering on The Blues during their upcoming match!
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Whether buying tickets directly or taking advantage of third party ticket sales, there are a few places to browse to make sure you’ll be in the stands cheering on The Blues during their upcoming match!
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