Best Hotels Near Major Football Stadiums

Football is a globally cherished and renowned sport. 

Major football stadiums in Europe stand out among the rest of the fields. These huge and sleek stadiums are home to some of the best-known football teams like Liverpool F.C, PSG, and Barcelona F.C and are a popular attraction for football devotees around the world.  

Now, whether you’re planning to enjoy the match LIVE and relish in the electric crowd as your favourite sportsmen rush across the green fields, or you just want to pay an off-season visit and mesmerise yourself with the magnificence and beauty of these modern structures, choosing the right hotel is critical. 

Having a fine residence while you are away from home will take the burden off your shoulders and will make your trip smooth and hassle-free. Great hotels will give you peace of mind so that you can extract the best experiences on your trip. 

To make things convenient for you, we have compiled some of the best deals that you can get while travelling to your desired stadium. The hotels below are shortlisted after comparing countless offers and doing deep research. They are also some of the top-rated and favoured hotels in their respective region.  

Also in this article, every hotel listed is NEAR to its respected major football stadium. So, let’s check them out and see what fits your needs.

Hotel Paris Boulogne

Hotel Paris Boulogne, Paris.

Le Parc des Princes (home of PSG)

1.2 km from stadium Parc des Princes:

Located in close proximity to the “Parc des Princes” arena, hotel Paris Boulogne offers everything to make your football pilgrimage a remarkable experience. Generally, the hotel is well-maintained and feels premium inside and out. 

Hotel Paris is praised for its great user experience, thanks to its generous and eager-to-please staff. Hygiene and cleanliness are of fine standards. The rooms are not extremely spacious but they are still some of the best you can get in Paris. 

Basic facilities include air-conditioned rooms, parking, free Wi-fi access, and a Fitness center to keep you charged while you are away from your home. The breakfast is fresh and diverse. The hotel also has an on-site bar. 

If you’re planning to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere at Parc des Paris stadium, then hotel Paris Bolognue is the best choice for you as it has everything to keep you comfortable and trouble-free.

1.1 km from Anfield Stadium

St Hilda Hotel, Liverpool.

Anfield Stadium (home of Liverpool F.C):

1.1 km from Anfield Stadium.

St. Hilda hotel upholds a reputation of great customer service and is a “top choice” for football fans travelling to Liverpool. The hotel is also widely recognized for its vibrant post-match parties and celebration.

The property offers basic facilities to cope with every unique need of its visitors. These include free Wi-Fi, flat-screen tv, carpeted-floor and parking spots. The property also has a bar offering a wide range of beverages and food to enjoy.

From the inside, the hotel is clean and spotless. The rooms are comparatively smaller but are of decent quality and enough to get you to the Anfield Stadium.

If you aim to visit the home ground of Liverpool F.C and enjoy your trip to the fullest then you must consider booking a room at none other than St. Hilda hotel. It’s a proper bargain!  

Travelodge Hotel Finsbury park, London.

The Emirates stadium (home of Arsenal F.C)

1 km from The Emirates Stadium:

Travelodge Hotel Finsbury park, London.

Emirates stadiums is one of the best built football fields in the world and is home to the Arsenal F.C. As you plan to visit the stadium, there are numerous hotels that you can opt for but none of them matches the standard of Travelodge. The Travelodge hotel (Finsbury park) provides plenty of amenities at a comparatively lower rate and is therefore a popular choice for travellers with tight budget.

The property is pet-friendly, and is practical for solo or family trips. You can expect to get every necessary facility including free Wi-Fi, TV, parking space, coffee machines during your stay there.

Hotel near emirates stadium

Several popular tourist’s sites like the British Museum and St. Paul Cathedral are situated within close reach of the hotel, so that you can experience the best of London during your stay.

So, whether you are to travel solo or with family the Travelodge hotel is an ideal pick. It offers everything to keep you comfortable, enabling you to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Far Home Bernabeu Hotel, Madrid.

The Santiago Bernabeu stadium (home of Real Madrid F.C)

1.2 km from Santiago Bernabéu Stadium:

Hotel near The Santiago Bernabeu stadium (home of Real Madrid F.C)

Far home Bernabeu is easily the best place to stay, while on your trip to Santiago Bernabéu stadium. Hotel Far Home Bernabéu offers every vital facility to accommodate and fulfil your needs. Staff is also alert and friendly.

The premise is not huge but it’s certainly well-maintained. From the inside, the hotel is appealing and depicts a modern look. Other than that, the rooms are well kept and cosy. Single rooms are not currently on offer and visitors get to share rooms with other users.

Hotels near Bernabeu

Remember, the hotel is near the home ground of “Real Madrid”. So, if you are travelling during peak football season, expect to meet with die-hard fans of the sport during your stay.

Madrid is counted among some of the finest locations in the world, hotel Far Home Bernabéu extracts and presents you the best of its experiences. That is the reason for why Hotel Far Home Bernabéu is a primary choice of visitors, especially football fans travelling to Madrid.

Arya Hotel, Barcelona

Camp Nou stadium (home of Barcelona F.C)

950m from Camp Nou Stadium

Arya Hotel near Camp Nou stadium

Arya Hotel is hands down the best deal you can get near Camp Nou stadium. The hotel has an incredibly high-rate of customer satisfaction and offers some of the best amenities in the area. If you want to make the most of your Barcelona trip while staying within the budget, Arya Stadium Hotel is for you.

Basic features include free-Wi-Fi, airport shuttle service, buffet breakfast, parking slots, bar etc. It is also worth mentioning that, Arya stadium hotel is one of the few hotels to have a swimming pool of its own. The place is always clean and sanitised. The state is also pet friendly. 

Hotels near camp nou Barcelona fc

Nearby locations include Plaza Europa, Barcelona Zoo and of course the majestic Camp Nou stadium. It offers proper value at a fair price and is therefore the top preference of tourists, especially football fans travelling to Madrid.


In a nutshell, the hotels listed above are some of the best deals in their respective area. You can be rest assured that the value you’ll receive will be worth spending your money. So, to save your time and to make your football trip extraordinary, pursue any of the above listed hotels.

Best Hotels Near Major Football Stadiums
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Best Hotels Near Major Football Stadiums
We have compiled some of the best deals that you can get while travelling to your desired stadium. The hotels below are shortlisted after comparing countless offers and doing deep research.
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