Paris – perhaps the most beautiful city Europe has to offer. A city of art that includes the world’s most important museums (Louvre, the Orsay Art Museum and more …).

A city of sites and monuments that are considered international icons that everyone must see once in their lives (Eiffel Tower, Carrara Basilica and Victory Gate). A city that, on the one hand, has a long and important history and, on the other, is a vibrant city that includes restaurants, shows and culture and entertainment. On the site you will find all the information you need to enjoy a perfect trip in Paris, including general information and useful information.

We have compiled for you the list of recommended hotels in Paris, attractions and tours and the best restaurants. We’ve collected and bundled the best discounts in Paris – so you can enjoy your vacation at the most affordable price! Visit the Discounts and Deals page and start saving today.

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