10 best beaches in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, the vibrant capital of Catalonia, offers visitors a perfect blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. While the city is known for its architectural wonders and lively streets, it also boasts a stunning coastline with an array of beautiful beaches. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, water sports, or simply a place to soak up the Mediterranean sun, Barcelona’s beaches have something for everyone. In this article, we present the top 10 beaches in Barcelona that will make your coastal experience truly memorable.

Barceloneta Beach

At the heart of the city lies the iconic Barceloneta Beach, the most famous and bustling seaside spot in Barcelona. With its golden sands, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant atmosphere, it’s a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

The beach offers a range of amenities, including beach bars, restaurants, and water sports facilities. Take a leisurely stroll along the promenade, indulge in delicious seafood, or simply relax and enjoy the stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. You can also enhance your trip with SUP experience, take to the water while the city still sleeps for a great start to the day with a professional instructor, who also takes photos.

Nova Icaria Beach

Located next to the Olympic Port, Nova Icaria Beach offers a more tranquil and family-friendly environment compared to its energetic neighbor, Barceloneta.

Nova Icaria beach
Nova Icaria beach

This well-maintained beach features soft sands, calm waters, and excellent amenities such as showers, restrooms, and beach bars. Sports enthusiasts can engage in beach volleyball, paddleboarding, or even try their hand at windsurfing.

Bogatell Beach

Situated between Nova Icaria and Mar Bella beaches, Bogatell Beach is a hidden gem loved by locals seeking a quieter ambiance.

Bogatell beach

This spacious beach provides ample room for sunbathing and beach games. Lined with palm trees and featuring a wide promenade, it’s perfect for leisurely walks or cycling. Bogatell Beach also offers a range of amenities, including showers, sports facilities, and beachfront restaurants.

Mar Bella Beach

Known for its youthful and vibrant atmosphere, Mar Bella Beach attracts a predominantly younger crowd. It is Barcelona’s official nudist beach, with designated areas for nudism. Apart from that, Mar Bella offers water sports facilities, beach volleyball courts, and beachside bars. The laid-back ambiance and picturesque surroundings make it a must-visit beach for sun-seekers.

mar bella beach

Nova Mar Bella Beach

Further north of Mar Bella Beach, Nova Mar Bella offers a more peaceful retreat away from the crowds. With its clean sands, calm waters, and well-maintained facilities, it’s an ideal choice for families and those seeking a more relaxed beach experience. Nova Mar Bella also features sun loungers, parasols, and beachfront restaurants where you can savor delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

Nova Mar Bella Beach

Llevant Beach

As one of Barcelona’s newest beaches, Llevant Beach is a hidden gem located in the Diagonal Mar neighborhood. This tranquil spot provides a serene escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. Llevant Beach boasts fine sand, crystal-clear waters, and a peaceful ambiance. Whether you’re looking to unwind, take a refreshing swim, or simply enjoy the coastal views, Llevant Beach offers a blissful retreat.

levante beach

Sant Sebastià Beach

Stretching from Barceloneta Beach to the iconic W Hotel, Sant Sebastià Beach offers a mix of lively and serene areas. This beach is particularly popular among locals and features a wide range of water sports facilities.

Sant Sebastià Beach

Whether you’re interested in windsurfing, sailing, jet skiing, or paddleboarding, Sant Sebastià Beach has you covered. With excellent amenities, including beachside restaurants and bars, you can refuel and relax after a day in the sun.

Somorrostro Beach

Nestled alongside Barceloneta Beach, Somorrostro Beach offers a more laid-back and less crowded alternative. This beach provides a quieter atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for those seeking relaxation.

Somorrostro Beach

Recently renovated, Somorrostro Beach now features improved accessibility, new facilities, and a clean and inviting environment. Enjoy a tranquil sunbathing session or take a leisurely stroll along the shoreline.

Garraf Beach

While not technically in Barcelona, Garraf Beach is worth a short train ride from the city for its natural beauty and serene surroundings. Located between the sea and the Garraf Natural Park, this beach offers a refreshing change of scenery.

garraf beach

With cliffs, rocky formations, and lush greenery as a backdrop, Garraf Beach is a paradise for nature lovers. Enjoy a peaceful beach day, take a hike in the park, or savor a meal at one of the beachfront restaurants.

Castelldefels Beach

Just a short distance south of Barcelona lies Castelldefels Beach, a long stretch of golden sand that offers a more tranquil coastal experience.

Castelldefels Beach
Views of Castelldefels and the beach, Port Ginesta harbor with sailing boats, near Barcelona, Spain

This family-friendly beach features excellent facilities, including beach bars, water sports centers, and beach volleyball courts. With its relaxed atmosphere and stunning views of the Mediterranean, Castelldefels Beach is a popular choice for locals and tourists seeking a quieter beach getaway.


Barcelona’s beaches are an integral part of the city’s allure, offering visitors the chance to unwind, soak up the sun, and enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. From the bustling Barceloneta Beach to the tranquil retreat of Llevant Beach, each beach has its unique charm and appeals to different tastes. Whether you’re seeking lively entertainment, water sports adventures, or a peaceful escape, Barcelona’s top 10 beaches cater to every traveler’s needs. So, pack your sunscreen, grab your towel, and get ready for a memorable beach experience in the coastal paradise of Barcelona.

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